Independent Judges for Independent People

Judicial independence is one of the most important principles of the rule of law and of our democracy. When you go to court, you should be confident that your case will be decided based upon the facts and the relevant law...nothing else.  Judges have a DUTY to base their decisions on constitutional principles, applying relevant statutes and legal precedent to the facts of each case.  A judge should not be a politician; cases should be decided based on the law, not special interests.

My name is Nicolette Fulton and I am the Independent, Unaffiliated candidate for District Court Judge. I have been unaffiliated throughout my adulthood, as I believe decisions as important as a representative or a judge should be based on what is best for the community, not based on party--and I have voted accordingly. 

Today, I ask you for your support in the upcoming election, as I am running without the support of either party, only the support of those who want Independent Courts for Wake County.


Just as I will make decisions based upon the facts and the law, I ask that you decide based on what matters to you:

  • Experience: Over a decade of experience in Criminal Law, Family Law, Civil Litigation, and Administrative Law
  • Public Service: Created Public Service programs dedicated to help the children and underserved of Wake County
  • Integrity: Received multiple awards for and taught new lawyers about Professionalism